About Home Health Gold

We are a small, agile company known for our exceptional customer support and extremely fast response to changing industry needs and dynamics.

Call us (207) 872-4544 and learn how Home Health Gold can help you survive the increasingly complex demands of today's Medicare program.

Our staff members have extensive experience in Home Health management and clinical operations.

David J. Merk

David J. Merk, President, Home Health Gold

David J. Merk has been involved in home health management since 1978. He created Home Health Gold in 1997 to help agencies organize their vast data stores into easy-to-access reports that improve day-to-day decision-making. His software is uniquely comprehensive: combining financial, clinical, and operational data to provide a complete range of information needed to successfully guide an agency.

David graduated from Brown University, and received a master's degree from the University of Illinois.