How Home Health Gold can help you, and why it is unique

Clinician Scorecards

Easy-to-understand reports spotlight the clinicians who are lowering your 5-Star, PEPPER and VBP scores, and thus negatively impacting agency reimbursements and patient care practices. Hold clinicians accountable for their performances.

Eyes in the Field, or Monitoring during Episodes

Keep an eye on each episode of care while it happens. Review week-by-week, ensure frontloading is actually happening. If it isn't, know about it in time to question the execution of the care plan and get needed services in. Quickly keep tabs on service utilization, and costs-to-date. Provide thorough oversight.

Accurate OASIS Data

Subject each new assessment to the industry's most comprehensive set of audits and error checks as soon as it is entered, before locking. Reduce the likelihood of post-payment reviews and delays as mistakes and misconceptions are sorted out. Ensure timeliness and accuracy of assessment submissions. Safeguard, ensure operational excellence.

Knowledge of True Financial Picture

Know the actual episode payment, as soon as episode ends. Compare planned versus actual reimbursement. Track visits by discipline. Monitor productivity levels comparing visit and non-visit activities of teams and clinicians. View stats on all payers, including HMOs, private insurance, self-pay.

Focus Your Precious Time and QA Efforts

Target the clinicians whose performance needs improvement in order to benefit your agency and the patients you serve.

Readmission Detail

Quickly get re-hospitalization reports by referral source. Narrow by such diagnoses as CHF, Pneumonia, AMI, COPD, or THR/TKR to help hospitals avoid financial penalties. Review readmission reports by clinical diagnosis or team.

Predictive Modeling

Experiment with diagnoses and staffing patterns to see impact upon reimbursement and case-mix, prior to locking or sending an assessment. Compare the Outcomes, case-mix, and utilization of services by team or case manager. Know who needs re-training and who could act as a mentor.

Action-Oriented Benchmarking

See how your agency's performance on OASIS measures compares to others. Our statistics focus on the activities that directly impact and coalesce into your reimbursement, and eventually, Outcome scores. Do these well, and your agency will prosper. If you are outside the range of best practice, drill-down into patient and episode information to develop a plan of action to improve and strengthen your operations. Benchmark within your agency. Compare the performance of individual case managers and teams.

Instantly go from Macro to Granular levels

Study agency as a whole, then immediately drill-down to the granular level to see where performances are lacking, so you can solve problems and misconceptions.

Smart, Timely Decisions

Quickly and accurately get at and organize your agency's OASIS, visit and staff activity data. As questions arise, immediately get answers and move on to the next issue. Timely, easy, practical. Make evidence-based decisions at the point you need the information, 24/7.