Improve Your 5-Star, VBP, and PEPPER Scores

Five Star

Home Health Gold's unique Measure for Success reports illuminate where within your operations, and with whom, problems exist that are negatively affecting your 5-Star, VBP and PEPPER ratings and the quality of care you are delivering.

Operational Scorecards by individual clinician place a spotlight on whose poor performance is lowering your scores, and where this is happening. Focus your precious time and QI efforts supervising and re-training these individuals, on these tasks. When they boost their performance, your agency's rank will improve.

Even if you are currently happy with your agency's scores, if you do not work to improve them, and your competitors boost theirs, your score will drop in the next posting. If you tread water, you will sink.

As stated by Laura Martin, Senior Analyst for Needham and Company, "It's a fool's errand if you do not use data. If anyone you are competing against is using data to iterate faster, and you don't, you do so at your own peril."

With Measure for Success reports, Home Health Gold provides you with the tactical support and Clinician Scorecards needed to raise your scores.

Develop a plan to re-train clinicians so they understand QASIS questions and your protocols.

Easily monitor your advancement toward these goals ongoing with Home Health Gold's unique Episodes in Progress, The Works, and comparative reporting.

These unique, comprehensive reports become the basis for your full-circle quality improvement efforts.