Tools and Features

Home Health Gold tools uniquely integrate your OASIS, visit , and patient information in real-time. Enabling you to provide thorough management oversight of your staff members as they provide home visits throughout your region. It also allows you to make smart, evidence-based decisions as questions arise. There is no waiting for e-mailed reports or monthy updates.

With Home Health Gold, as soon as an OASIS assessment is entered, it is subjected to the most comprehensive compliance audits and scrubbing tools in the industry. These ensure accuracy and reduce the likelihood of post-payment reviews and take-backs.

Once episodes begin, you can quickly and easily monitor their progress. Study them week-to-week to make sure frontloading and the rest of the care plan is progressing as planned. Know if you need to get additional services in, or if other alterations are necessary while the episode is ongoing.

Easily study the performance of teams and individual clinicians. With Operational Scorecards quickly understand who is hurting your agency's 5-Star, Value-Based Purchasing, and PEPPER scores. See who needs training and increased supervision, in what the areas, and also who will be great as a mentor.

Home Health Gold provides you instant access to vital information. Keep errors and misconceptions from erroding or delaying payments. Improve your agency's Outcomes, case-mix rate, overall patient care, and staff productivity.